All reservations are held on your Visa or Mastercard or American Express. Expiry date is necessary to guarantee your booking. Full payment is due upon arrival and may be paid by cash, traveller’s cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or debit card. Personal cheques are not accepted on outstanding balances. A 25% deposit will be applied to credit card on file on all cottage reservations not cancelled 120 days in advance. All rates are in Canadian funds. 13% HST applicable to all rentals.



Please notify Laurentian Lodge of any changes to your booking at least 120 days in advance. A 25% charge will be applied to the credit card on file if advance notification of cancellation is not received.



Pets are allowed with permission. Additional fees for cleaning services will apply per pet, per day. You must advise the front desk that you will be bringing a pet(s) with you when you make your reservation or if you are staying overnight. Not all pets are necessarily allowed (size and type).

We love animals, but not all of our guests do. By being respectful of all of our guests’ needs we want to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation, including your pet. For this reason, we ask that your pet never be unleashed while outdoors on Lodge property or be left alone in the unit. You are responsible for any and all damage that occurs because of your pet, and extra charges will be levied. Pets are not permitted on the lawn in front of the Lodge or at designated swimming areas. There is adequate space to take your dog in nearby areas. Of course, you are responsible to pick up your pet’s droppings. Please do not use our towels and bedding for your pet.

If your pet does disturb guests (barking, howling, or aggressive behaviour), you may be asked to board them in Elliot Lake.